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General questions
What is Hookup?
Hookup is a market place connecting people wishing to rent out  trailer-like vehicles to the world. It offers an opportunity to make money for the owner and flexibility of finding a trailer to the renters. Payment is made made in advance but only paid to the owner after a confirmation from the renter that the service has been completed. Thus offering a safe market space.
How can I invite someone to join?
Use the "invite" to enter the details of the person you would like to invite. You can invite up to 10 people a day.

How can I contact Hookup?
Use the "contact us" link to get in touch and we will try to get back to you within 2 business days.

How do I create an account?
Click "sign up" and follow the prompts to create an account.

Are my payment details safe?
Stripe is our payments partner and keeps your payment details safe. Hookup does not store or have access to  your payment details.

How do I list something to rent?
Click on "post listing" and follow the prompts to list something. If you run into problems contact us through the "contact us" link.

If my trailer is damaged, who is liable for the damage?
If it can be established that the renter is responsible for the damage, then the renter will be liable. However, it is the owner's responsibility to follow up on getting the damage fixed. See tips on safety measures below.

How do I get paid?
To get paid you will need to provide payment details like a bank account for your account. To add bank details; login into your account --> go to settings-->select payments--> enter your bank account details. You do not need to have a stripe account.  Money will be transferred to your nominated account whenever a transaction is complete. 
Do you charge a transaction fee?
Yes, to cover the operational costs of the market place we charge a 13% transaction fee on a every transaction with a minimum transaction fee of  $3. For example,  if you list your trailer for $100, the transaction fee is $13 and you will receive $87. If you list something for  $10, transaction fee is $1.30 but since the minimum transaction fee is $3, you will receive $7 not $8.70.

When do I get paid?
You will receive your payment when the renter has marked the transaction as complete or 5 business days after the booking period has ended. Always remind your customers to mark the transaction as completed.

Who is responsible for assessing if the renter is trust worth?
The owner is responsible for assessing who to deal with. If you do not feel comfortable you can cancel the transaction and we will refund the renter in full.

What happens if my trailer is not returned?
This becomes a police case. We recommend that before renting out your precious trailer you ask for some identification and contact information. Take these details to the police and report an incidence. It may be good to first check with the renter whether they are just late :)

What safety measures can I put in place to ensure safe return of my trailer?
Much as we try to provide a safe environment, once the transaction is in progress there is not much we can control. We therefore strongly recommend that owners take necessary steps to ensure their safety and that of their precious trailer. A few things owners can consider doing include:
  • Prepare a condition report and let the renter sign before renting.
  • Exchange identification and contact details.
  • Ask for a refundable deposit in case of damage. This can be arranged directly with the renter on the trailer collection day.
  • Report any suspicious users.

Who is responsible for paying speeding fines?
The renter. Other traffic fines, like unregistered vehicle fines are the owner's responsibility.

Do I need an account to rent something?
Yes. You can only rent something after providing payment details.

Can I talk to the owner before committing to rent?
Yes. You can use the messaging platform to ask for more information from the owners.

If the booking didn't fall through and I have already made the payment, can I get a refund?
Yes. You will get a full refund. Mark the transaction as disputed and Contact us to discuss the refund.

If I have a problem during my rental, who can I call for help?
The owner. It is recommended to exchange valid identification  (licence is the best option) and contact details with the owner for your own safety.

When do I get charged rental fees?
You pay rental when booking. However, money is credited to the owner only when you mark the transaction as complete or the booking period has expired. 

Do I need to pay a refundable deposit when renting?
This is owner dependent. The owner will give you details on how to pay the deposit. Do not include this as part of your booking fees.

Do you have any safety tips.
  • Always take before and after photos of your rental.
  • Agree with the owner on the condition of the rental before using it.
  • Review and sign the condition report if one is available.
  • Exchange contact and identification details.